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BALLOP, a South Korean
sports brand
The first Aqua Shoes in South Korea were launched by BALLOP 8 years ago,and they have since become a steadyseller. Starting with the walking shoes
BALLOP Mix in 2017, we have steadily expanded the range of our products to include sneakers, sportswear, and accessories suitable for all four seasons while taking a leap forward as a comprehensive lifestyle and sports brand.
A while ago, the athletic footwear market in Korea was reduced to a battleground for global sports brands. Despite this, BALLOP has sold over 300,000 pairs of Tivat Running Sneakers since their launch in 2019, 1 million pairs of sneakers, and 3 million pairs of Aqua Shoes.
Every time we reminisce about the products that have been sold under the name of BALLOP throughout the years, we get excited at the thought of a South Korean brand being able to compete in the global market.
  • BALLOP, a South Korean sports brand
  • BALLOP, a South Korean sports brand
  • BALLOP, a South Korean sports brand
The #1
sports brand
By 2025, BALLOP is projected to achieve 100 billion won in
sales by expanding and developing the running category,
strengthening the sportswear line, expanding into the global
market, and entering the professional sporting goods market
with products for futsal, golf, and badminton over the next
three years. We take our second leap with the goal of starting the IPO process.
BALLOP will have a more specialized footwear line
led by the Tivat Running Sneaker series,
additional clothing required for running throughout
all four seasons, and the technology and products
to complete with other athletic brands
in the international market. Within the global athletic footwear
market, which is split by Nike and Adidas, BALLOP keeps
challenging itself to become South Korea's
number one sports brand and restore the sovereignty of South Korean footwear.
Written by the CEO
light and free
Gallop lightly, BALLOP!
"Gallop barefoot towards an outdoorsy lifestyle."
BALLOP makes footwear and sportswear that are
as light and comfortable as a second skin.
We pursue the freedom to run lightly all the time in everyday life.
Made of a pair of wings and a "B," our logo conveys BALLOP's brand vision to always have the will to fly lightly and freely.
The wings express the dynamic attributes of a sports brand.
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The path of creating
BALLOP has always been equipped with the capabilities to provide optimal services
catered to the rapidly changing market trends.
- Sold 300,000 pairs of BALLOP's signature running sneaker Tivat
- Received 7893% of funding for the launch of Tivat Gradient 2.0 from Wadiz
- Sold 100,000 pairs of Acupressure Slippers within 1 year of launch
- Launched new Tivat-Run line (Gradient, Wingtip, Wintry)
- Received eBay's Premium Brand Promotion (PBP) Excellent Vendor Award for 2 consecutive years
- Selected as a promising export SME for 3 consecutive years
- Certified as a Main-Biz company (Management Innovation SME) by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
- Launched BALLOP's signature running sneaker Tivat Run
- Received GOOD DESIGN Award for Aqualander Fit from Design Promotion Institute
- Selected as a High-Growth Firm of 2019 by Korea SMEs and Startups Agency
- Selected as a Promising Design Innovation Company by Korea Institute of Design Promotion
- Selected as one of the Best Valuable SMEs in Gyeonggi Province
- Applied for patent for the core technology used to create Anti-Slip Aqua Shoes in 13 countries around the world
- Acquired SMEs Intellectual Property Management Certificate
- Selected as a support company for the globalization of sporting goods by Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
- Selected as Global Luxury Lifestyle Brand by Korea Institute of Design Promotion
- Acquired Startup Certificate and Inno-Biz Registration Certificate
- Won the grand prize in the footwear category at the ISPO exhibition in Germany
- Selected as a support company for the globalization of sporting goods by KOTRA
- Launched BALLOP's rash guard and yoga attire
- Established BALLOP's Design Research Institute
- Launched BALLOP's Aqua Shoes
- Signed supply contract to be the OEM of Aqua Shoes for Arena, Renoma, and Elle
- Established GTS Global Co., Ltd. and
applied to trademark BALLOP's Korean and English logo on November 23
a brand that
takes the lead
GTS Global boasts excellent technological competitiveness thanks to
the unique technologies developed at the affiliated research center.
In recognition of the company's contribution to the development
of technology in domestic and overseas markets, GTS Global won
the grand prize in the footwear category at the ISPO 2016
exhibition in Germany. In 2020, the company was certified as
a Main-Biz company (Management Innovation SME) by
the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.
GTS Global will become an international lifestyle company
leading the rapidly changing global market through
continuous research and technological advancement.
  • K+ Certification
  • The Best Valuable SMEs in Gyeonggi Province
  • Certificate for Company-Affiliated Research Institute
  • Startup Business License
  • Certificate for Promising Export Firm
  • Global IP Star Company Certificate
  • Inno-Biz Registration Certificate
  • Certificate of Selection as Promising Design Innovation Company 2019
  • Certificate of Intellectual Property Management Enterprise
  • Certificate of Female-Owned Company
  • Certificate of Selection as Global Luxury Lifestyle Brand
  • Certificate of Selection as Products with Excellent Industrial Design
  • Gold Winner at ISPO Award