Standing Up Paddle board

GTS Global (CEO Choi Sun-mi) sports brand "Ballop" launched a 3m premium paddleboard exclusively for SUP at Wadiz which aimed
at the one-man leisure sports market this summer.

These days, domestic and foreign media outlets have been releasing press releases saying that the temperature is unusual this summer, but even though the temperature has dropped a lot due to the start of a short rainy season, we are already worried about how hot it will be after the rainy season.

We could have endured somehow with mountains, seas, and cool water play if there was no Covid 19, but now the society we live in has become a place where we can no longer travel freely.

Leports which are emerging as an alternative to this summer's hot season are the Standing Up Paddleboard (SUP).

Ballop developed the paddleboard needed at SUP which began to be popular as an one-man leisure sport with national team
Lee Sang-hee (second in the 1km section and fourth in the ICF SUP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 40+ section) and launched it alone at Wadiz.

The Ballop Stand-up Paddle Board released by Wadiz this time is a dual chamber and is made with excellent R&D technology with the highest specifications such as durability, maximum load and pneumatic pressure (PSI) and will be sold at a 33% discount.
As a free gift, a free pass to take a lecture of paddleboard will be given at the "Jutty Club" located at Ttukseom Windsurfing Station.

Meanwhile, there are women who enjoy the scenery near the Han River, drink beer on the paddleboard, enjoy suntan and
surprisingly many people were already enjoying SUP in their own style.

The calories required to row on a paddleboard and tour around the Han River burn more than 1,000 calories and the healing effect is great when you spend time alone on the river and look at the scenic view of the Han River.

"We hope the promotion will serve as an opportunity to learn new leisure sports with good people and make precious memories together," a Ballop official said.

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Written by BALLOP