Seven years ago, we launched the first aqua shoes in Korea under the name of "Skin Shoes".
Now, not only domestically, but also overseas, many people enjoy wearing our aqua shoes.

GTS Global Co., Ltd. sales increased 30 times compared to 7 years ago, and the number of employees increased 13 times.
The product lineup is also evolving into a comprehensive sports brand specialized in indoor sports and water activities by releasing over 1,000 SKUs, ranging from a single item of Aqua shoes to swimwear (Lash guard), esleisure clothing, walking shoes, and various accessories.

Without being proud of the burdensome title of the number one in Korea Aqua Shoes industry,
we participate in overseas exhibitions more than 10 times a year for the past 3 years. And we promote a various marketings for overseas customers that is not easy for medium-sized businesses.

For the past two years in a row, exports exceeded $1 million and signed a sales guarantee contract of 25 billion won for three years with Guangzhou Humei Group in China.

Stable exports to the European market, led by Germany and Italy, exports to Southeast Asia from Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and new pioneers in the Japanese market, etc.

We are maintaining a stable sales portfolio by increasing export volume and diversifying export regions without forgetting the original intention that all these things originated from customers who love Ballop.

In the future, Ballop will do our best to communicate with customers more carefully.

By combining online and offline, we will strive to create a more comfortable environment for customers to experience the product.
And we take the lead in returning 1% of the company's profits through charity to society.
We will do our best to satisfy each and every customer who meets the brand called Ballop.