Ballop aqua shoes, Base kids, pink

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It is a trendy kids lifestyle aqua shoes with neon color Audramf sewing and heel suede patterns and is labeled externally for kids. * It can be matched with adult Base aqua shoes.

Upper : Polyester100%
Outsole : TPR
Insole : Mesh100%+EVA Foaming Material

product details

1. The color point is given through the side Audramf sewing line on the simple upper that can be used anywhere, anytime.
2. Adds design details by logo label on the outside of the ankle line.
3. Easy to wear & take off by long heel webbing. 
4. It protects the heels during water play and outdoor activities through suede patterns.
5. The 4-way stretching spandex fabric gives you comfort as if you're not wearing shoes.
6. It has excellent ventilation which makes it light and easy to dry even when wet, so it is excellent when playing in the water.
7. Wraps your feet safely & comfortably by lightweight and soft eco-friendly outsole of TPR characteristic.