Ballop aqua shoes, injection, Highlight black

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Trendy & lifestyle aqua shoes which added translucent ZIG-ZAG pattern by 3D stereoscopic printing technology after printing
B.I. text on the outside of upper.

Upper : Polyester100%
Outsole : TPR
Insole : Mesh100% + EVA Foaming Material

product details

1. Emphasized ZIG-ZAG pattern which is subtly reflected by the movement of the foot through 3D printing technique
after printing B.I. text on the outside of upper by gradation technique.
2. 3D stereoscopic printing techniques help to hold your feet elastic.
3. Easy to wear & take off by heel webbing.
4. The 4-way stretching spandex fabric gives you comfort as if you're not wearing shoes.
5. It has excellent ventilation which makes it light and easy to dry even when wet, so it is excellent when playing in the water.
6. Environment friendly injection outsole of light & soft TPR characteristics covers your feet comfortably & safely.