Ballop trekking shoes, KOTOR black

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It's a dial system-type trekking shoes that are tailored to various mountainous terrain in Korea with
optimal grip force & wearing comfort.

Upper : Polyurethane, Mesh
Outsole : Phylon, Rubber
Insole: Polyester Mesh, Polyurethane

product details

1. Manufactured from an outsole in the form of a tyre to prevent slipping with the highest grip force.
2. Waterproof film is attached to the entire upper, so it can be worn without worrying about rain or snow.
3. With a dial system that does not require straps to be tied, the wire can be adjusted for convenient and fast wear.
4. The application of a highly elastic pylon mid-sol reduces foot fatigue due to its excellent shock absorption and cushioning.
5. It is made of durable synthetic leather and breathable mesh material, so it can be worn comfortably.
6. By applying the injection method that prevents the shoes from warping, the model of the shoes does not change
even if they are worn for a long time.