Ballop trekking shoes, PERAST black

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It is a knit material trekking shoes that provide a pleasant fit through high-ventilation knit upper.

Upper : Flykint, Polyurethane
Outsole : Phylon, Rubber, TPU
Insole: Polyester Mesh, Polyurethane

product details

1. It is made of durable synthetic leather and breathable mesh material, so it can be worn comfortably.
2. The application of a highly elastic pylon mid-sol reduces foot fatigue due to its excellent shock absorption and cushioning.
3. Wear-resistant rubber outsole allows you to wear it freely without worrying about slipping.
4. The 3M reflective function on the heel allows you to wear it safely at night.
5. Sewing-free techniques and span-like patterns that increase adhesion surround the side and hold the feet steady.
6. You can wear it comfortably even on rainy and snowy days by waterproof treatment on knit upper.