Over the first in korean to the World

Five years ago, it was five years since we first started to distribute aqua shoes in Korea under the name skin shoes. Now, more than half of our customers in the domestic water park where they go to enjoy the water in aqua shoes.

GTS Global Co., Ltd. has established a target market that has not been formed in the domestic market so much,Sales grew 30 times more than five years ago, and the number of employees grew 13 times. The lineup of products aqua shoeswe sell more than 1,000 SKUs in a single item ranging from swimwear (Rash guards), active wear, walking shoes, and accessories.It is becoming a comprehensive sports brand specializing in indoor sports and water sports.

AQUA SHOES is not a pride in the domestic title of the first place, but the bulb has exhibited more than 10 times in the past 3 yearsAs a small and medium-sized company, it has never been easy to promote overseas marketing.We have contracted a sales guarantee of 25 billion won for three years with Guangzhou Huimei Group of China.

Stable exports to Europe, led by Germany and Italy, and exports to Southeast Asia in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and Japanese marketWe are maintaining a stable sales portfolio by increasing exports such as new pioneering and diversifying export regions.Remembering that all of this comes from our customers who love Ballop, We will do our best to communicate with our customers carefully.

By combining online and offline, we will strive to create a more comfortable environment for our customers to experience products. We will take the lead in returning 1% of the company's profits and will make every effort to satisfy every one of our customers who have met the brand name of Ballop.

Thank you.

CEO of GTS Global Co.,Ltd

Gallop Lightly, Ballop!

"Take your shoes off and ‘gallop’ into the outdoor life in ‘bear feet’!" The brand name that carries the core value of the brand has been extended to a slogan. BALLOP, whose aim is to make wearable shoes that feel like a second skin and sportswear, aims at freedom that allows to run lightly any time in everyday life and the brand vision is to pursue healing from tight tensions of the day.